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I hope all of you are safe and with loved ones.

I know some of you have suffered great losses; I am deeply sorry for the loss.

I understand in the weeks ahead we will all have the enormous task of putting back together what was taken from us - in what seemed like the blink of an eye - however, the people of Fort McMurray will return to make our city stronger and greater then ever.

I have called Fort McMurray home for the past 27 years and will be part of the community after the rebuilding is complete. My companies are here to assist you during the rebuilding efforts. We have received numerous requests for information regarding rebuilding. Rest assured we will be up and running as soon as possible. In the meantime, if you have any questions or require information, please click on "Contact Us" menu or give us a call anytime, we are here to HELP!

We are ‪#‎FortMcMurrayStrong‬!

When you're ready to rebuild, we'll be here for you.

Morgan Simms ~ Rochelle Homes

Rochelle Homes is a local homebuilder you can trust. Owned and operated by Morgan and Gladys Simms, they have been in the home building business in Fort McMurray for nearly twenty years. The family have also been the owners of Simms Bros. Contracting since 1996, a reputable local contractor company that specializes in exteriors.

The Rochelle Homes principles:

  • Build it like it’s your own.
  • Always work with the best of everything: tools, supplies and people. Especially people.
  • When the building is done, be proud to put your name on it.

Buying a home is the biggest investment your family will ever make and at Rochelle Homes they understand that. They won’t build a home that isn’t up to their own family’s standards. Your home-to-be is a place that will create and hold memories, keep loved ones safe, keep out the windy Fall and harsh Winter and allow you to fully enjoy Spring and Summer.

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Rochelle Homes & Simms Brother’s Contracting is owned and operated by Morgan Simms. I have known Morgan for many years and have had a working professional relationship in the community for 15 years.

Morgan’s expertise in his field and his ability to deliver quality is a standard most hope to achieve. Morgan has completed major renovation work on my personal residence and as well friends’ of mine. I could not have been more pleased with the finished product of his work. Rochelle Homes is a now a division that delivers single family homes to the Fort McMurray market; the detail and concern that goes into his homes is excellent. The most critical piece he excels best at is his follow up.

Integrity and honesty is why Morgan has succeeded in this competitive marketplace and his reputation means something to Morgan. This is why I place my name forward to endorse his work and the companies he operates.

~ Colin Hartigan

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